Welcome to Vocal Insight™

Vocal Insight™ sessions take place on a one to one and small group basis in London and aim to offer and deliver the best service possible to students and clients. As a singer and musician myself, I work hard to ensure that excellent service is being delivered to the utmost satisfaction of my students and clients.

Vocal Insight™ was established in 2004 with an endorsement from the Prince's Trust and focuses on providing singing sessions, voice coaching, music/ speech & language therapy and basic music theory tuition to a wide spectrum of individuals with an interest in the voice, singing, and music.

Vocal Insight™ employs a holistic approach to singing, and its teaching methods are founded on experience and study (including E.V.T.S ~ Royal Academy of Music, and Seth Riggs' Speech Level approach to singing) 

Vocal Insight™ aims to improve one's approach to singing through friendly tutorship, knowledge, and careful insight into how the voice operates as a human instrument.


Vocal Insight™ Testimonials

A testimonial from Ms R. Danger, about her English Speech, Pronunciation, and Language sessions with Vocal Insight

"I have been having sessions for about 6 months, of one hour per week and the results are very satisfactory. We had begun with exercises for improving my understanding of the English phonetics and then, we combined free conversations with dialog/podcasts reproductions and useful common English phrasing exercises." - S. Berko (Vocal Insight Student/Client)



"As a result, after these months I am able to understand better and speak much more clearly. English sounds, sentence stress, and musicality behind English speaking are now clearer and, during listening, I am able,  to recognize common unstressed phrases and recognize the pieces of information indispensable for comprehension. I have also obtained a good set of hints that help me in my independent study and resources to improve my pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary." - R. Danger (Vocal Insight Client/Student)

"My voice sessions with Deelee were an absolutely wonderful experience. I have gained much more confidence in singing through her incredibly effective teaching approach - Deelee did not only give me the right type of exercises but also explained thoroughly how the vocal organs function. This really enhanced my awareness and ability to utilise my voice properly. Apart from her excellent teaching methods, Deelee was also always super encouraging, patient and always ensured that I felt comfortable throughout the session. - A. Plasa (Vocal Insight Client)

Cancellation Policy: We regret to inform you that we do not offer refunds but can replace your course with another one of the same price and length.